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You can tie each of these, faster, and stronger than you ever dreamed, every fishing rig, used in fishing, and every type line, can be tied to any other type line with the EZ Knot
Float stop

Order Now, only $0.95, That is less than a box of worms, for thousands of knots, that you will be able to trust, with that fish of a life time.
Choose any photo, or link to see how each is tied,  using the same "basic" knot, (shown below) applied a little differently, for each application

Tie all of the following, even with the latest "super braids"

 Lure, Hook, Line to line   Fly line to leader   Steel to Braided/mono,   Loop knots,    Float stop knot   Weight stop,    Drop leaders,   Line release,    Multiple hooks  Trail hooks  Doubled leader


The EzKnot fishing knot tool
click above image for details

EzKnot $0.95
Instructions are not supplied with these but can be downloaded and printed here (instructions)
I suggest you just get you tool and sit at the computer, click each knot
Photo for how to tie them (ALL THE KNOTS)
There is a $1.50 S&H
Charge on all orders under $6.99

By Clicking any link above, you will see how the one basic knot, of four wraps around the tool, is used for each application, the knot is the same, it is just tied "around" something different for each application, or more than one knot is needed in some applications.  Some of these fishing rigs are very difficult to tie without a tool, and no other knots are better than the EZ knot, for each of these, although some are equal.

The EZ Knot gives you the ability to manipulate line, like never before, you can see it clearly against the black tool, it is simple to run the end of the line under the wraps with the large grooves under the tool, it just takes the fumbling out of knot tying, producing a perfect knot every time.  Try the basic knot, not tied around anything, a few times, once you can do this, you can tie any fishing rig.

Tying the basic knot, used for every rig

Lay the line across the top of the EZ Knot, place thumb on top of the line, with eight inches, or more of line of line coming out from under your thumb, run line through notch, and go around the bottom tine, wrap the line four times around the EZ Knot, in a row, back towards your thumb. Hold the wraps with your index finger, against the tool, run the free end of the line under the wraps, in the huge grove down the bottom side. Grab the end of the line and pull the knot from the EZ knot, while sliding it off with your index finger.  Pull the knot up tight.  You can now tie every fishing rig shown above, but you need to see how each is "Started" go to their page by clicking the photo, or knot name.

Always hold the EZ knot as shown, thumb on the top flat, index finger on the side, regardless of which knot you are tying, you can do this  in either your left or right hand, left hand, if you are right handed, and right hand, if you are left handed.