The Cruzin Cooler
Personal Mobility Device
Electric or Gas powered
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The ABSOLUTE COOLEST ride in the World
13 miles, at up to 13 miles an hour for less than 5 cents in electricity

For parks, tail gating, infield of race tracks, side walks,  bike paths, malls, stores, camp grounds
flea markets, or just your neighborhood
The best transportation for collage campuses
(when riding, where people are walking, or inside buildings, ride at a walking pace)
(Gas Model not allowed for use in buildings)

Small enough to ride anywhere, even into elevators
All Models are 24" long-17" wide-19" tall
and fits into most car trunks, with no tools needed, instant break down

Zero turning radius, foot powered reverse

 it is still a cooler
24 can drinks and 8 pounds of ice
120 day warranty

5 Models available
(all models can carry a 250 lb rider on flat pavement)
(13 MPH top speed on all models)
( up to 13 miles per charge)
The more watts, the more torque, which increases ability
to climb steeper grades with heavier riders

300 watt motor, best for riders under 165 lbs

500 watt motor, best for riders under 225 lbs

750 watt motor, best for riders under 300 lbs
better for grades


1000 watt motor, very best for heavy riders, or steep grades

33CC gasoline, for those who don't mind the noise
(outside use only)


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Rodney Long